As a dealer, I am always looking for suitable books and libraries from my range of topics. Offers are always welcome, viewing appointments can be arranged at short notice.

My offer is intended to appeal to scholars and lawyers as well as laymen interested in science. It is intended to be an attractive contact point for academic libraries as well as for passionate private collectors and bibliophiles.


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Neue AVKB-Webseite

Ende Oktober 2020: Neue AVKB-Webseite

Sehr geehrte Freunde meines Antiquariats,

in nunmehr über 6 Jahren meiner neuen Firma, in denen ich Ihnen in bisher 27 Katalogen mein Angebot offeriert habe, fand ich leider nicht die notwendige Zeit, mich um die Erstellung einer zeitgemäßen Website zu kümmern, die meine Kataloge ergänzen soll.
Aus dem bisher unerfüllten Desiderat ist nun endlich Wirklichkeit geworden, und ich lade Sie ganz herzlich ein, sich auf der Website umzutun und freue mich auf Ihre Aufmerksamkeit in der Zukunft, jetzt für Website und Kataloge gleichermaßen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Klaus Breinlich

New AVKB website

End of October 2020: New AVKB website

Dear friends of my antiquarian bookstore,

in now more than 6 years of my new company, in which I have offered you my rare books in 27 catalogues so far, I unfortunately did not find the necessary time to take care of the creation of a modern website, which should complement my catalogues.
The previously unfulfilled desideratum has now finally become reality and I cordially invite you to browse the website and look forward to your attention in the future, now for website and catalogues alike.

With kind regards,

Klaus Breinlich

My current Rare Books Catalogue

Miszellen zum Jahreswechsel 2020/2021

Ende Dezember 2020: Miszellen zum Jahreswechsel 2020/2021

Old and Rare Books

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Aus dem Antiquariat

Aus dem Antiquariat Aus dem Antiquariat

Zeitschrift für Antiquare und Büchersammler
NF 18, Nr. 4, 2020

News about old books and current new publications, combined in a magazine that is unique in German-speaking countries. The magazine is published four times a year and brings antiquarians, book scholars and book collectors up to date with the latest developments in the field of rare books business.

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Other News from the Antiquarian Book Trade

Other News from the Antiquarian Book Trade Other News from the Antiquarian Book Trade

Market Data for the Rare Books Market from the „Börsenblatt“, the Specialist Magazine for the German Book Industry and Book Trade.

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The thematic range of my antiquarian bookshop includes history and regional studies from antiquity to contemporary history, the diversity of jurisprudence and history of law, political science and the history of political ideas, economics, sociology, social philosophy and history of science.