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The thematic range of my antiquarian bookshop includes history and regional studies from antiquity to contemporary history, the diversity of jurisprudence and history of law, political science and the history of political ideas, economics, sociology, social philosophy and history of science.


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Neuer Antiquariatskatalog MMXXII/III erscheint in Kürze!

November 2022: Neuer Antiquariatskatalog MMXXII/III erscheint in Kürze!

Der neue Antiquariatskatalog umfasst 700 Titeleinträge aus der deutschsprachigen Regionalgeschichte, mit Büchern aus den Bibliotheken der Professoren Karl Heinrich Kaufhold und Harald Zimmermann sowie anderem Besitz (Teil II). – The new rare books catalogue includes 700 title entries from German regional history, with books from the libraries of Professors Karl Heinrich Kaufhold and Harald Zimmermann as well as other possessions (Part II).

My current Rare Books Catalogue

Feuerbach und das Recht im 19. Jahrhundert

Juli/August 2022: Feuerbach und das Recht im 19. Jahrhundert

Im Mittelpunkt meines aktuellen Antiquariatskatalogs steht mit Paul Johann Anselm von Feuerbach (1775-1833) der große Strafrechtler, einer der bedeutendsten Rechtsgelehrten des 19. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland, der auf dem Frankfurter Hauptfriedhof begraben liegt. – The focus of my current antiquarian catalogue is Paul Johann Anselm von Feuerbach (1775-1833), the great criminal lawyer, one of the most important legal scholars of the 19th century in Germany, who is buried in Frankfurt’s main cemetery. In addition to rare original publications by Feuerbach, the catalogue provides writings by his contemporary philosophical-legal discussion environment as well as criminal law textbooks and writings on the development of criminal law in the 19th century, plus some works on criminal law before Feuerbach. The criminal law section of the catalogue is supplemented by titles on old constitutional law, on natural law and the law of reason, on German „Staatswissenschaften“, on legal history as well as on the importance of Hugo Donellus for German civil law in the 19th century. The catalogue offers the extremely rare first Opera Omnia edition of the writings of Donellus, which was published in 12 volumes in Lucca, Italy, between 1762 and 1770. It is the model for later Donellus editions and the basis of the reception of Donellus in the 19th century.

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Aus dem Antiquariat

Aus dem Antiquariat Aus dem Antiquariat

Zeitschrift für Antiquare und Büchersammler
NF 20, Nr. 2, 2022

News about old books and current new publications, combined in a magazine that is unique in German-speaking countries. The magazine is published four times a year and brings antiquarians, book scholars and book collectors up to date with the latest developments in the field of rare books business.

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Other News from the Antiquarian Book Trade

Other News from the Antiquarian Book Trade Other News from the Antiquarian Book Trade

Market Data for the Rare Books Market from the „Börsenblatt“, the Specialist Magazine for the German Book Industry and Book Trade.

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